Everyone knows virtual reality,

but have you considered how augmented reality

in architecture and construction could help your firm?


Augmented Visions Group is working on an app that will allow  a user to simply drag and drop your 3 d models into our  AR Architecture GPS/AR/3D App, then view in Augment VR 3D,  and append to a longitude/latitude  so it can be viewed in place at the construction site in real time. It will also have a blueprint printed marker so  your model can be laid on a table for easy analysis indoors for small groups. Use a full scale model to impress and land that difficult client that just can't see your vision,  well now they can in life size view. Items can be scaled to life size models, formatted to work with headsets of your choice to run like a slideshow. Help full-fill the clients visions with what they actually want, on-time  with use of holo lens.

Augmented Visions Group wants your order so we can start changing  the way you view & earn in the world of mixed reality today.

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